Traveled many miles these many  years, some with laughter and joy.. a lot of tears
Youth of Spring all new and blooming, free as Monarchs all a flutter
Babies my Summer of yellow sunshine, the warmth  of cuddles, overwhelming love
Contentment my Fall as gentle as the leaves as they flutter to the lawn
Now Winter is upon me I shall dance the dance, listen to the Music God provides
My soul waiting for the next season.

copyright 2016 LWC

Today Is Her Birthday

Forty-Seven years ago today I brought a beautiful little girl into this world weighing 6 lbs. 8 ozs. and 22 & 3/4 inches long. I lost my heart that day as I held that new life in my arms.
Forty-one years later, I held her in my arms weeping over her body in death.
The years  have not been good for our family and selfishly I will say for me especially.
I know that we are meant to travel our roads of life with love and compassion, empathy and selflessness, opening our hearts and sometimes our wallets and homes to those in greater need. But most days I don’t feel like being compassionate  or selfless.
As we grow and mature we learn to accept the steps of life but this step I wish I could have missed and did not have to accept.
It is not easy to wake each day knowing I will never see this child of mine again. That I cannot pick up the phone and hear her voice, make her favorite meal or bake her another birthday cake.
I am trying to accept this change in my life even now these six years later. It is hard and I feel so alone in this fog of grief that surrounds me. Many have passed since my beautiful daughter and for each passing, I am ripped with the pain of their agony and grief and for my own.
My beautiful daughter  Klysta LaNell  August 20, 1969-February 19, 2011.428854_3771596608966_1227116193_n

Our World

CqKP-fNWEAA1thWI look at your little body bruised and bleeding in the big orange seat
that seems to swallow you, it is said you are only five years old
big brown eyes of calm when adults would be screaming and crying
your demeanor one of abject defeat for one too young to question the whys
I wonder when I read trending tweets, Facebook and other social media
all the prejudice and hate against you and others like you why and how
could we the greatest and strongest nation on earth deny you sanctuary
and a new life?
I don’t know what has happened to our world, our compassion and empathy, our hearts that we can look at this photo of you and deny you safety.

Violence In Retaliation

Two fellow human beings shot and killed by those
sworn to protect and serve.
Miles away in a historic city
In the city where we lost a president, tears flow again in shock
Eleven  brothers in blue pay for their rogue brothers
Eye for and Eye seems to be the motive, motive without sane reason
What has become of the country I love so much
What kind of world are we leaving for our children ?
This is not the world we need to live in
we are so much better than that
or at least I pray we are
I pray we can turn this around we must change
We must work together to find a solution
We are all brothers and sisters, black, brown, white or yellow
we are so much better when we work together when we love one  another when we
treat each other with kindness, accept our differences.
Please, God, will you  help us find a solution and be the way we used to be?



Take Me As I Am

Take me as I am Lord
I come to you no other way
Soiled, sinful, relapsing every day
It is just me and how you took me in
Wanting only in this life to win
I once was happy not a care
Looking for someone my life to share
Then I fell as humans do
Arriving at my lowest state
Destitute, in despair, distraught
Then I heard how my sins you bought
The Cross on Calvary came into view
Now reborn all because of you.


The chrysalis of the butterfly opens slowly in time
Dried by the warmth of sun …until
Gossamer wings of light flutter on…until
On wings of the butterfly my dreams take flight
Wings flutter toward the fall of night|
Where nightmares and terrors unfold
Making one scream… blood run cold.
copyright 2013 LWC