Do you hear the music of the world around you?

Hear the crashing CYMBALS of the thunder
music of a raindrop as the clouds begin to weep?

A snowflake as it descends to earth?
Ivory keys fading to-night shades slush
Building to the crescendo of many PIANO keys

Smell the roses as they bud
to the unfurling as they bloom
Emitting scent of exotic perfume
A soulful sound of many VIOLINS

Hear the sound of butterfly wings?
The music of little fluttery things
music of HARP’s gentle strings

Hear the whisper of the trees
as the wind blows soft breath
Through the rustling leaves
Echoing softly …CELLO

Listen close if only to hear  music for
Lovers as they begin to swirl and twirl
in a dance of their beating hearts
like  passion of SPANISH GUITARS

Hear orchestration of earths symphony
Walk quietly with open mind and ears
Let sounds of music fill your hearts
gain peace within your soul.



I have spoken many words
Words that cut as sharpened swords
some soft as whisper words of love.
I have traveled many miles
Worn holes in leather cowboy boots
Walked along those miles with many smiles

I have cried many salty tears
Heartbroken and grief-stricken
Over death of loved ones
Of an animal or someone’s child

Over my many, many years
I have laughed in utter joy
Feeling the warmth of a child’s hand
Handing me a favorite play toy
Or a joke at my expense again

I have watched a mountain avalanche
Snow falling in rushes as the waterfalls
Of majestic cliffs and islands glistening

I have laughed at the oceans tide
Chase waves onto burning sand
Crabs and Seals scurrying to the side

Fished in a favorite hole on a farm
From a piece of driftwood I sat
Poison Ivy clinging to me giving harm

Felt the warmth in rays of the sun
Slept in a meadows sweet grass
Watching rabbits and mice run
Through my looking-glass

Laid in the bed of a pick up truck
Wrapped in grams quilt of old
Protecting me from the frosts cold

Been warmed by a bonfire of gathered wood
Drinking a cold one from a cooler
Danced in the rivers dirt made bank
In the smokey black night dark and dank

I have sung at concerts me so off-key
Yet others stood right beside me
Singing and dancing in glee
I have been blessed by many loves
Man and child , greatest of these
My beautiful daughters all three
Grandsons are  too my legacy

Now in these winter years of my life
I can say without troubling strife
I have lived a wonderful life
I have lived , I have lived!

Now in these winter years of my life
I can say without troubling strife
I have lived a wonderful life


Rippling stream, so long and winding how far do you flow?
Meadow grasses kiss your banks  wanting to know
Do you dream in your quiet serene sleep of those
come to drink?
Tell me your dream, as you sleep so quietly and serene.
Dawn brings a mist to cover~ till sun rays warm
Leaves of the water willow awaken at dawn,
flowers open colors so brilliant
red, yellow, pinks and blues to drink of your flow

Do you dream in your quiet serene sleep
Of those that walk your muddy banks
to kneel and drink of your crystal blue waters?
Perhaps  cast a line into the ripples for fish
to quench the hunger or to
catch the ‘big one’ you hide deep  their wish

Tell me rippling stream for your way is long
Are your dreams of rushing to the oceans?
Where the waves crash in thunderous joy
At your arrival?
Tell me oh stream of  your quiet serene sleep.

copyright 2013 LWC


Yeaaa I am home, totally exhausted barely able to hold my body in upright position but I am HOME! Results of all tests not all in, but think I am just predisposed to hypertension. 
So if I am not here much it is because I am tired and eyes aren’t focusing well, the new meds make me sleepy, very very dry mouth but hey the BP is down. Love to all.


Her broken soul finds a home on the streets of old
recovering from broken dreams and lost loves told
In silence she walks, pushing her three wheeled cart
No longer looking to mend her broken heart
the silence she embraces as an old friend
she thinks peaceful thoughts wishing for the end
She is lost with no destination in her addled mind
The sun and wind will numb her pale skin again and again

Her teeth fall out and sores don’t heal
but that is okay she knows not the real
She walks the path each day trying to
remember the way of where and life of who

In the park she finds a half~ eaten sandwich
sitting on the bench she begins to munch
as the leaves fall in a sepia tone only she can touch

She keeps her silence close to her chest
As the winter of life touches her breast
Peace is what her lost soul knows
Pushing her three wheeled cart
among the many  cars row after row

Until she sleeps the sleep of the dead
She walks the path of life the paths of old.


I dug a hole very deep under the elm tree
 might seem a grave I dug for thee
I dug deeper still these feelings to kill
Anger, loss, grief and stupidity still
For now I drop them in, all the lies
pledges, promises broken, hurt
every handwritten note in earth I laid
All the lies I heard and I once forgave
I pushed them down the hole deep
As I continued to weep
I pressed them hard in the dirt beneath
Pressing lips and grinding my teeth
I placed one mossy rock upon another
just what was close and no bother
then twined a ribbon of daisies wreath
Like our love they died but with no grief


Moon lurches into place this night
Perching over the arid desert
the old highway lines worn, once white
Lead truckers to a room of shabby blight
A woman waits in unknown despair
With nothing but favors to share
The moon perches on neon sign
til sunrise takes its place to shine
as bright as the neon sign blinking…’vacancy’
The woman crying in pain and despair
No life lived, she has none to share
Crying each day her grief
Day to day, week to week
from generation to generation
A woman is crying