looking out over these vast woods
staunchly standing oak and walnut trees line the
back fence and beyond, of this place,
I watch as the sun begins to fade away
arrived here at this place
for peace, quiet and clarity
To clear the baggage of my mind
to somehow remember who I am
and what I am meant to do…
A bird  breaks the silence
with its mating call by song
a small wind ruffles the leaves in
the trees, those to on the ground
washing thoughts from my mind
thoughts of self-doubt and shame
Doubt that I can write…
shame that I do not
words lurch around in my head
yes that is what they do, they
Bounce around in turbulence
like some large jet plane in the winds
I have so much to convey
If only to form the way…
To put the words together
a sembalence of sense
I have composition notebooks
scraps of paper thin, napkins
written on too.
Words, words tell me what to do!!
With a gentle sound I look
I hear the lap of a brook
Peace descends like a warm cloak
mind suddenly free of the clench
I find  words are coming fast
 sit on a stone bench
with pencil in hand
I have formed words to scribble.



If only….


If life was like a box of chocolates…
If it was like a bowl of cherries…
Or perhaps a wedge of cheese…

If only….

Instead my life is like a bowl of spaghetti…
Many strands of noodles twisted and twined
Covered in marinara sauce and cheese
Sometimes with meatballs or sauce

I would prefer the chocolate with the cherries maybe
A banana perhaps a little ice cream, nuts (not my family please)
A scoop of whipped cream oh pineapple too
Yes that is it a banana split!
If only life were like…….image photo : Banana split