Someday you will find me in a dark dirty neighborhood bar
where beer is served so cold it hurts your teeth to slurp it down
where cold sandwiches and a bag of chips are served for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you last that long
I’ll have crumbled Marlboro packs around me and ashes on
my shirt,  burn holes in my old faded jeans.
If you look for me someday and I’m not at the bar I will be
at the old Wurlitzer playing all the oldies a dollar at a time,
Someday you will find me passed out on my sofa a
cigarette burnt to my fingers, whiskey bottle in my hand
the old turntable scratching the end of the song.
Someday you’ll look at me with sympathy and disgust
written on your face, wondering how I got to such a state.
Just know that somewhere sometime I don’t know when
my someday of happiness, love, life left me to this
darkened world of depression and this dirty lonely life.

Love Insane

We fall in love with so many
our best friends, our mates,
our children.
We hold on tight saying
I love you…forever
I will never leave you.
Life moves quickly and
One day loss comes
Our hearts bleed tears
For loss is inevitable
Our hearts will break many times
Yet we are strong and we progress
As we must in our insanity.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved


Brain Stress Overload

She couldn’t sleep
Went days where her mind wouldn’t stop
and the ringing in her ears, the smells that
others claimed they could not smell.
People talking but she didn’t understand.
One morning she didn’t get out of bed
she hadn’t slept, she knew she should get up
but couldn’t think of a reason.
Then she began to cry “I’m so tired” and she
cried and cried until the tissues were
all gone. She gathered them up, placed them in the
empty tissue box, then mentally shook herself.
Maybe a warm shower she thought.
Letting the hot water wash over her she shampooed
her hair shaved her legs and pits. Clean pajamas,
a new box of tissues, she walked to the kitchen for
a glass of fresh ice water, forgetting the tissues.
Climbing back into bed she reached into the bedside
table drawer and brought out the bottle of pills.
They were old but not expired she shook out
two pills and with a deep breath she placed them
in her mouth and washed them down with the fresh water.
She knew her brain was in stress overload and she had to be careful
to not let her thoughts get the better of her again.
She turned  on her side with her arm under her pillow and pulled
the sheet over her body leaving one foot out for air.
Two hours later she still hadn’t slept. She laid there mind spinning
thinking of all the love she had given all the hurt she had caused
how she stress ate and was now so fat, how she had no life, lived
only for those infrequent visits from family.
She had no physical friends only those on Facebook she had never met
in person. What did it matter, especially when friends only betray?
The longer she lie there the sorrier she felt for herself, she opened the
drawer again and picked up the bottle. Removing the lid she poured all
the pills on the sheet and began to count them by two. Twenty-one little
round white tablets. She scooped them up laid them on the table and
began to scrape the label from the bottle. She got up and slowly walked
to the kitchen trash placed the bottle without its label in the bin then took it
out. She opened the door going to the garage placing the shredded label into the
bottle pushing the opener for the overhead door she walked to the big can and hid the bottle in one of the bags inside.
Coming back into the house she washed her hands, dried them and went back to the
bedroom. Sitting on the side of the bed she looked at the twenty-one pills and
thought I wish there were only twenty, she liked even numbered things.
Pushing herself off the bed she picked up one pill walked to the toilet and flushed it.
Walked back and sat on the side of the bed thinking, mind spinning unable to control the one thought.
She picked up two of the pills and washed them down then repeated it nine more times.
Lying back on the bed she wondered how long it would take before she would finally
fall asleep. She began to cry and reached for a tissue she had forgotten the new box
she needed to get up and go get it but she was so tired so very very tired.
She dried her tears on the sheet wiped her nose on the sleeve of her pajamas
turned on her side pulling the sheet over her, leaving one foot out for air, tucking her arm under her pillow and after a bit, finally slept…the final sleep.




Photos in an old cracked album
Yellowed corners curled
Greeting cards given over the years
Signed with love, your signature
A jewelry box with sparkly things
A junior high diary, key unfound
Rents my heart into again and again
We were together for the better
and the worst, we survived it all

I had your name tattooed on my wrist
I see it and I know you are with me
As if I need to know that by seeing ink.
I feel you in my heart
I wake with you my first thought
I close my eyes at dark with you my thought
Then the tears they fall, the heart rips again
I wake with you my first thought and a bed
full of tissues.




No one can know
How I’m feeling
How empty and alone
I toss and I turn
I can’t sleep it seems
Before the sun begins to rise
Your face and my words
Haunt my thoughts
Looping thru my head
Tears fall shamefully
Each drop filled with regret
Deep inside I know it’s
All my fault that you’re gone
I am dying inside
Do my feelings matter…anyone?



Loneliness does not come from having no people around you,
but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you
~Carl Jung

Important to me but afraid to say for the ridicule I know will come, the overheard remarks of “she’s crazy, she’s trippin.” No, what I feel, what I need are not the same as
what you want or need. The importance of ME is not important to you.
It is your feelings, your words, your needs that must be met, you’ll get to me when it
is convenient for you.
I asked you to lunch just to spend some time with you, forty-seven days later you acquiesced but had to drink to what? Dull the pain of being with me to tolerate me?
I told you how special you were how pretty and proud of you I am but you had to have another drink so you looked for the server…I knew you were not interested in what I had to say.
My broken heart, my loneliness, my just wanting to spend time with you was not what you needed or wanted, I was secondary when for such a brief time all I wanted was to be important to you for but a moment.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved