Rippling stream, so long and winding how far do you flow?
Meadow grasses kiss your banks  wanting to know
Do you dream in your quiet serene sleep of those
who come to drink?
Tell me your dream, as you sleep so quiet and serene.
Dawn brings a mist to cover till suns rays warm
Leaves of the water willow awaken at dawn,
flowers open colors so brilliant
to drink of your flow
Do you dream in your quiet serene sleep
Of those that walk your muddy banks
to kneel and drink of your crystal blue waters?
Perhaps  cast a line into the ripples for fish
to quench the hunger or to
catch the ‘big one’ you hide deep  

Tell me rippling stream for your way is long
Do you dream of rushing to the oceans?
Where the waves crash in thunderous joy
At your arrival?
Tell me…

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