Overdue Update

I have been away for so long and I have missed my blogging. Those of you that followed me before know that I lost my daughter 10 years ago and I literally lost my mind. So much has happened in that ten years, more than I could share today. I did want to say I never valued my writings or attempts at poetry so it was easy to walk away and fight the slight yearnings to get back to it.
I seem to be such a crazy dark soul, rather morbid actually. I will be 70 on May 1st and my bones feel it, my soul is weary. I lost my husband of 37 years March 6th, I cared for him for the last three years the very best I could and was truly grateful when hospice came in to relieve me of the 24/7 care so that I could spend quality time with him telling him how much I loved him and how proud I was to be his wife. He was my rock, my world my bestfriend, I am so grateful to have been blessed with such a good gentle loving man.
I have been full of rage that he left me, had numerous pity parties and even enjoyed the solitude, yet I would give anything to have him back.
I have listed with a realtor so that I can find a smaller place somewhere I have no idea where. I don’t know anything other than I am broke, tried to raise funds through gofundme but learned people don’t really care that you are going to lose your home. Although I did have 3 donations. Oh well life is still good so sending you all love, light and peace.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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