Return To Birth

Should I but return to my birth,
would life had I to start over?
I would have  parents that did not infuse my life with “abandonment issues”
that I still deal with at sixty-two years of age, causing lack of trust as well.
I would not have lost my innocence at the age of five.
I would find God and live my life with an abundance of blessings and love sooner.
I would be stronger in being and voicing “ME.”
I would have grown up with all my siblings in the same home, loving, fighting, rivalry and making memories of love to come home to.
I would have grown a backbone or as they say today “put on your big girl panties and get on with it.”
I would complete my education without being a single mom, working and trying but never accomplishing the gift of the degree.
I would choose my soul mate rather than letting men ‘choose’ me.
I would have many friends and kept the relationship for years and years.
I would have loving fun grandparents and from both sides of the family.
I would parent my daughters, with more unconditional love, as I now parent my grandchildren with fun, laughter, and higher expectations. Teaching more values.
I would take the time to see life through their eyes as I do with the miracles of grandchildren.
I would have never lost an adult child to domestic murder, never felt the burden of this grief.
I would love more, loved deeper, as the old song says.
I would be a better “me” 


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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