As a small child, my grammie at close to her fifties did not hesitate to take in her oldest sons children one daughter and two sons. she was a true taskmaster believing the “idle hands are the devils’ tools” so she kept us busy but the boys not so much. me I  worked from sun up to past sun down and seemed the older I got the worse she was about keeping me busy, ahh but I took off there for a minute.
now I am older, wiser and less tolerant of laziness, lack of common sense and have no concept of a 40 hour week young people. In that vein with the oldest daughter if I had nothing else for her to do, in keeping the idle hands busy I had her string buttons. My gram had several jars of buttons collected over the years and when we complained as children do “I’m bored”  out came the button jars and the thick quilting thread and needles for the larger heavier buttons thread of regular everyday quality for the others. We would sit in her sewing room if she needed to keep her eagle eye on us or we could sit on the porch and thread buttons …all the blues together, all the colors should have their own thread white or beige, and on and on. Hope there were enough buttons to last many a lifetime, for if buttons didn’t keep our attention there was always silver to polish or baseboards to wash.

 in memory of my gram, loved and missed so very much, my gram but my mom as well.

RIP Catherine Marie Williams  March 24, 1905, ~ March 30th, 2005 she lived a wonderful life on her own in her own home until the day she transitioned, She was 100 years and 6 days.


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