After I’ve taken my last breath
Share the memories of me with
your children and grandchildren
Pass the love along that you felt
with me even when we loved in anger.
Share me in the way I gathered
all to my table to feed when hungry
The way I gave a blanket
and a pillow to lay
their head
Do this to share me.
If you begin to miss me
and you feel the need to cry
go ahead, then rise up too
wipe another’s tears
Feel the suns warmth
See the moon’s light
Listen to the blowing wind
Relish the crunch of  snow
Hear the thunder, smell the
rain, I am there washing the grief
from your heart.
When you wish for my hugs
reach out and hug another
With your arms around them
You are sharing a part of me and
I am hugging you through them
Hugs are healing give them often
Share me.
The greatest gift I leave this earth
are the bits of me in how I treated
others how I loved and treated each one.
Remember me the way I spoke to
you and others in their pain.
Share me
Share the way I loved with an open heart
Keep the memories of me inside you
But share them with those you love and
I will love them with you, love is only
made to be given away, I gave you
my love, I gave you all I had
Share me in this way.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved


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