Men, women, children, pregnant women, 24 at last count.
Their blood splattered across church pews
puddling on the floor as they stare with
open eyes at nothing and no one.
Again just over a month of the Las Vegas shooting
where 58 people bled to death and 500 were injured.
Shopping at a Walmart in Thorton, CO.
Three more lost their lives, again.
Austin, Tx yesterday 4 injured by shooting
LaComb, LA. one dead 4 injured
Halloween, Hammond, IN  one dead, 3 injured
Toledo, OH four injured by shooting
Clearlake Oaks, CA. two injured, two dead
And there is more that have bled out on sidewalks, parking lots,
restaurant floors, coffee houses, floors of homes, churches…
On and on, again and again
35 mass shootings in the last month, resulting in 141 deaths and numerous injured again.
Yet all our representatives in Washington seem to do is
offer up thoughts and prayers.
Well, you know what those 26 dead in Sutherland Springs, Tx
were doing they were PRAYING for all the good it did!
So Members of Congress shove your “thoughts and prayers”
where the sun don’t shine and pass legislation to restrict/control
the type of guns used in these killings.
Do it so we don’t have to offer up thoughts and prayers, so we don’t have
to keep burying our family members. So we as a nation can stop


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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