After I’ve taken my last breath
Share the memories of me with
your children and grandchildren
Pass the love along that you felt
with me even when we loved in anger.
Share me in the way I gathered
all to my table to feed when hungry
The way I gave a blanket
and a pillow to lay
their head
Do this to share me.
If you begin to miss me
and you feel the need to cry
go ahead, then rise up too
wipe another’s tears
Feel the suns warmth
See the moon’s light
Listen to the blowing wind
Relish the crunch of  snow
Hear the thunder, smell the
rain, I am there washing the grief
from your heart.
When you wish for my hugs
reach out and hug another
With your arms around them
You are sharing a part of me and
I am hugging you through them
Hugs are healing give them often
Share me.
The greatest gift I leave this earth
are the bits of me in how I treated
others how I loved and treated each one.
Remember me the way I spoke to
you and others in their pain.
Share me
Share the way I loved with an open heart
Keep the memories of me inside you
But share them with those you love and
I will love them with you, love is only
made to be given away, I gave you
my love, I gave you all I had
Share me in this way.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved

What You’re Made For

When you’re five
lying in bed waiting for
the wood floors to creak
you lie so still
so he’ll think you’re asleep
When you’re ten
you think here he comes again
you start to shake
so scared you pee the bed
At twelve you begin to develop
his friends begin to say you are so pretty
as they give you a wink and slobbery grin
By now you’ve heard it all
as they grab and pinch or
push you against a wall
the hardness of their privates
pushing like a stick again and again
It hurts but not as bad as what
happens at night
Now you’re in high school
and a jock spikes your drink
taking you to his car pushing
you in the backseat
muffling your screams
his whisper of if you tell
I’ll say you gave it freely
You cry all the way home
sneaking quietly up the stairs
too ashamed and scared to tell
conditioned by the “no one will
believe you” or “I will hurt you more”
They are the many, besides
no one will believe you.
You tell yourself you’re not
really a whore or an easy fuck
those pretty names meaning
You deserve what you get
So you get high with the shit
bought on the street
to forget for a little while
this is what you are made for.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved


All by myself
looking out on the square
from my window up above
wine glass in hand empty
I drink too much I say out loud
I am tired and worn out
living all these years

Cars whisking by tires crunching
snow, making slush
people rushing about like mice
for crumbs
Everyone has someone
Me I have my wine and
an empty pack of cigarettes

The girl next door
leans against the door of her brownstone
entwined with the latest beau for
a goodnight kiss
The memories stir
better left alone as I shake them
from my head

A tabby cat runs across
the street narrowly missing
becoming road kill
just a moment in time
a moment and his life
would cease

All by myself
looking out on the square
from my window up above
wine glass in hand empty
Filling it again
drinking deep forgetting
to savor the aroma and
tasting the deep spices
Just drinking to forget the
younger years when
life was wild and free
All by myself
© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


Lady Antebellum sings this song “DANCING AWAY WITH MY HEART” which has inspired me to pen a few lines in tribute to my father as it is close to his birthday and his death date. I first heard this phrase from my Daddy more years ago than I really want to remember, but this is my way to honor the man who fathered me. He was not the best Dad in the world but he was mine and I miss him terribly.

I looked up at my Daddy so handsome as he leaned against the door jamb on one of his rare visits home, tapping his foot to the beat of the music on the radio playing in Grams kitchen. When the tempo changed and Patsy Cline began to sing ” I FALL TO PIECES”,  Daddy reached out his hand and said “May I” as I giggled I put my hand in his and felt  the hand of a working man with its callous’  busted knuckles from bar fights, as much as from the nails and boards he worked with every day, and stepped on the tops of his work boots.

He said “Step on up there good now,”  as he held my hands tightly but gently so I felt secure.  We began to dance he moving his feet slowly but to the rhythm of the music, turning, twirling, gliding across the dining room into the living room on Grammies waxed floor singing the song along with the woman on the radio. As it came to an end Daddy dipped me and I laughed as he said: “Daddy’s girl dance away with my heart!” I twirled away and he called me back to tell me he was leaving for work in California and he would be back as soon as he could.  It was many years later as a grown woman expecting my first child that I visited my father in California, he took his girl to Disney Land and treated me to dinner after.  He placed the order at the restaurant while I visited the loo and it was a wonderful joy filled dinner and conversation was full of the days’ events and the years past, catching up but feeling like we had not been apart. As we exited the restaurant and waited for the car,  Daddy asked if I had enjoyed the meal then proceeded to tell me I had eaten rattlesnake.  Now I don’t know with expecting his first granddaughter or the real idea of that meal did it, but suddenly I was stepping to the side of the building to lose my dinner. That night Daddy played that old Patsy Cline song on his record player, holding out his hand he asked “May I?”  this time I laid my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the security of being held by my father after so many years apart. He asked after my happiness and the baby and her father. And when the song ended he said:  “You will always be my little girl now dance away with my heart”.  I laughed as did he, those are the only two times I ever danced with my Dad and I am so glad I have those memories. I love and miss you so much, Dad.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY and take care of my little girl, dance with her among the clouds and stars as you did with me.

Keith Carlos Williams
May 3, 1928, – May 19th, 2003


Men, women, children, pregnant women, 24 at last count.
Their blood splattered across church pews
puddling on the floor as they stare with
open eyes at nothing and no one.
Again just over a month of the Las Vegas shooting
where 58 people bled to death and 500 were injured.
Shopping at a Walmart in Thorton, CO.
Three more lost their lives, again.
Austin, Tx yesterday 4 injured by shooting
LaComb, LA. one dead 4 injured
Halloween, Hammond, IN  one dead, 3 injured
Toledo, OH four injured by shooting
Clearlake Oaks, CA. two injured, two dead
And there is more that have bled out on sidewalks, parking lots,
restaurant floors, coffee houses, floors of homes, churches…
On and on, again and again
35 mass shootings in the last month, resulting in 141 deaths and numerous injured again.
Yet all our representatives in Washington seem to do is
offer up thoughts and prayers.
Well, you know what those 26 dead in Sutherland Springs, Tx
were doing they were PRAYING for all the good it did!
So Members of Congress shove your “thoughts and prayers”
where the sun don’t shine and pass legislation to restrict/control
the type of guns used in these killings.
Do it so we don’t have to offer up thoughts and prayers, so we don’t have
to keep burying our family members. So we as a nation can stop