Bringing the last cup of coffee to her deck on the back of the house, she lights the citronella candle but sets it under the table,
the smell bothers her but it is necessary to keep mosquitos from having her as a midnight snack. Walking across the deck, down the stairs she
double checks the lock on the gate around the pool, locked but doesn’t hurt to check. She notices as she goes back up the main stairs that
her knees are a little more achy than usual, age and wear catching up. She sets down and takes a deep cleansing breath of the country air, the smell of
freshly cut grass,  the oxygen and scent of green leafed trees, lilacs beginning to bloom and fill the air with that unmistakable aroma.

Leaning back taking a sip of her coffee she slips off her shoes and pulls another chair closer to rest her feet. She listens
to the night sounds, the rustle of small animals as they hide from their predators, the rabbits under the garden shed have learned
to stay in the center so the strays can’t dig out to get them. She listens with eyes half closed and as the sounds of the night begin to soothe her,  nerves and burdens wash away.

Big fat bullfrogs in the  old pond having a midnight snack of mosquito larvae with their burps of “brooaaack” when they need more room,
lightning bugs darting in and out of the trees, playing tag much the way the children did when younger, trying to catch them in jars.
Hearing the fish jump as a big turtle slides into the pond looking for a meal, these are the sounds of serenity for her.

Suddenly she hears coyotes yipping and yapping, howling at the moon a little too close for comfort,  disturbing all the animals from dogs, cattle,  chicken, and sheep.
She rises quietly from the deck chair walking to the back door easing it open so as not to wake anyone, she lifts up her shotgun and makes sure it is loaded.
Hoping she won’t have to use it but she can’t afford to lose any more stock. Her husband comes out asking “coyotes again?”  She nods her head as he grabs a chair scooting it close to hers, he walks over lifts her
feet from the chair, sits and begins to rub them for her, ” umm I knew there was a reason I married you” she laughs. They continue to sit on the deck in the comfortable sounds of the night and long-term companionship, love for their life and each other evident. She begins to hum then sing her favorite hymn, then like crazy teenagers they belt it out together. Contentment.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved


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