Internet for Dummies

The Internet for Dummies has me going rummy says I have memory and check it here so I checked I still can’t remember yesterday so many things unclear. It says I can write something called a Blog didn’t quite understand looked like a letter to me so I wrote my sister gave a few secrets, now everyone on something called Facebook knows, my mind is in a fog.  Import pictures from Windows Media my pictures are not in Windows and the media have no need for them, I called and asked for them they said they had not seen them.
Picasa I thought was artwork by Picasso to my surprise it was photos for everyone’s eyes I set the computer on fire with sparks by using a Photo Bucket said to manage with facial traits I swear we look so much like the computer began to spark. I tried out that Virus Protector I still got the flu. A bug I have it reports, sprayed with Raid, now have a sticky keyboard, want to trade?
E-mail is super fast so I wrote one to my daughter never arrived until she buys a  computer. Now I will tell you I really am an Internet Dummy, I believe with all confusing hype my only hope is to purchase Skype.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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