Second Chance At Love

Our hands are spotted and wrinkled
Our hair has gone thin and gray
Yet I remember us, as yesterday.
We fell in love with such ease
Our hearts  so easy to please
Not quite so young in body and mind
But young at heart we did find
A love that quickly grew
one that would last, we knew.
Now we sit together and with a glance
conversations will begin and end as if a dance.
And if we must speak out loud
We finish the sentence of the other,
I am so proud that we know each other so well.
Remembering our first electric glance,
and how we neither had a chance.
The flowers you gave for no reason.
The little cards and notes sent, just to
say thinking of you and I love you
All these memories are now our own.
We hold such beauty of love so rare
I can think of no life I would rather share.
Remembrances of years long gone now
We both sigh, and wrinkle our brow
As we reach for spotted wrinkled hands.
© Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved














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