Photos in an old cracked album
Yellowed corners curled
Greeting cards given over the years
Signed with love, your signature
A jewelry box with sparkly things
A junior high diary, key unfound
Rents my heart into again and again
We were together for the better
and the worst, we survived it all

I had your name tattooed on my wrist
I see it and I know you are with me
As if I need to know that by seeing ink.
I feel you in my heart
I wake with you my first thought
I close my eyes at dark with you my thought
Then the tears they fall, the heart rips again
I wake with you my first thought and a bed
full of tissues.




No one can know
How I’m feeling
How empty and alone
I toss and I turn
I can’t sleep it seems
Before the sun begins to rise
Your face and my words
Haunt my thoughts
Looping thru my head
Tears fall shamefully
Each drop filled with regret
Deep inside I know it’s
All my fault that you’re gone
I am dying inside
Do my feelings matter…anyone?