PUSHING your rosy pink theory

your utopian way of life never having

lived a moment on a street

never hungry, cold, broke alone or with your children

never beaten emotionally or physically time and again

always had mommy and daddy and all the siblings

to love and nurture your head in the sand thinking.

Get real! Life is not as your generation sees it

there is STILL after MLK and the Kennedy’s prejudice

there is a race line not just with blacks,

but with those you deem different

It is there it is real.

Equality for everyone was our dream in the sixties and

we did all we could and then some but to this day

women are still paid less than men for the same job.

African~American men have more opportunity but not as many

as the white men

You asked how could I count all as bad… I don’t

I just believe when push comes to shove like will support like.

You ask that I show love to those that caused 9-11

I stated I can not, you then asked how can I lump them all together.

I ask you, did you watch the horror of planes crashing into the Twin Towers?

did you know the hijackers went to school here in this OUR  country to learn to fly

those planes, do you know they professed to our faces how great America was and

they loved it! Then they went into the twin towers and down in PA and the Pentagon area.

How can I trust or not generalize when over 3000 of my brothers and sisters were killed that day.

How can I  trust when Vietnam was so bloody and cruel  and ruined so many lives?

When people I loved died on the grounds of that country  or came home to kill themselves for what they had done, lived and seen.

How can you tell me I am wrong when babies and little children are killed in drive~bys innocently sleeping

in their beds and then their family is told oh wrong house, wrong street. Where are your rosy glasses now?

Ostriches get your heads out of the sand for I fear when you are released into the real world

you will be so unprepared and naive that you will either lose your mind or die.

there is no utopia, no every person equal, no erased racial line, nor religion or politics perfect.

I fear for the future of our country if your generation are the future leaders!


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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