45’s Lies…Just a few

Birther issue Obama born in Kenya
Autism is caused by vaccines
Largest Inauguration crowd
Melania’s Visa papers will be released with press conference
Knows more than the Generals & will take out ISIS
Thousands cheered when Twin Towers were hit~911
Ted Cruz’s Dad killed JFK
Mexico will pay for the wall
Taxes will be released…this lie told multiple times
Investigate and imprison Hillary
He never met Putin, Putin is my friend, No loans with Russia
3 million illegal votes
“I have a good brain”
Most Electoral Votes since Reagan
American made steel for DAPL pipeline
Saved jobs at Ford, Boeing, and Carrier
Bus loads of protesters and their paid
Chinese devised climate change
No Russian involvement in our election
“Locker room talk”
Obama wiretapping, spying
Nobody respects women more than he does
Won’t take Presidental salary…now he does so he can donate it later with big tax deduction.
Bone spurs
122 detainees released by Obama
Everyone will have affordable healthcare
Won’t cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

How do we teach our young ones not to lie, to always tell the truth?


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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