Last Day

Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror
put on a mask,
the one that says to the world “here I am all shiny and bright”
Hiding the fact I lie in my bed at night weeping
I close my eyes to rest and pictures of you flash through my mind
If only I knew it was your last day
The pain just won’t go away, it eats at me day and night
Everyone believes I am strong and have dealt with it all
But no one knows…no one knows… the pain


About lenwilliamscarver

A simple woman of simple means, walking a gravel road on my journey, made stronger by paths taken barefoot, pain endured, and revealed in these writings. Mistakes made some taught a lesson some lessons ignored, now learning to forgive myself.
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One Response to Last Day

  1. andy1076 says:

    We all wear the mask to hide how we truly feel but the ones who understand us best, always see through. 🙂

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