My Political Anger

So far I have I have been angry, sad and embarrassed that we have such an idiot in the greatest leadership role of this country. I have been crying and shaking my head, banging it against an imagined wall and screaming inside since the election, I don’t know if I will ever be the same again.
I am today watching regulations that have been a protection against industrial pollution, climate control taken away with the stroke of a pen, placing an illegible signature, by a man claiming he wants to “bring jobs back to America” while he, his daughter and wife use third-world countries to manufacture their goods.
I am watching, waiting for health care for all to be wiped as clean as chalk on a chalkboard at the end of a school day, along with women’s rights, LGBT  rights, and POC disenfranchising,  waiting to see my Latin, Mexican, Muslim friends deported or denied entrance.
I am sad and I am angry, scared and embarrassed by this man now called “president.”
Living in my bubble or circle if you prefer for so long,I guess I should be glad this election ‘woke’ me to this reality show. Well, I am ‘woke’ and I am angry for a lot of reasons but above all, I am angry at the ones that believed all the bull shat lies, those that were too lazy in this day of technology to research policies and positions, those that couldn’t get off their purity cloud, their party over country and those that wouldn’t get off their asses to stand in line to do their duty, those same people that will stand in line for hours to get a concert or sports ticket but wouldn’t stand to exercise their right. I am angry and sad and frustrated and crying for the children of our world.
I am very proud of all those that marched yesterday and will in the future, know that even though I am unable to march I am and will continue to do my part with my keyboard, my phone calls and my meager dollars until this Russian is out of office.

If my position bothers you then unfollow, unfriend whatever at this time can’t have anyone around me that voted for  Moscow Don.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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