Solitary Confinement

There are times in life when we need solitary confinement
Times when we are unable to control our emotions as we
react to another person, their words or attitude.
At times like these when anger, hurt, pity, or pain consume us
it is time to find that solitary place where we can think about our reaction,
our emotions, the way we allowed ourselves to feel and why.
I find my solace in the act of prayer, reading my bible and if I am lucky enough to be alone I go to the county lake to soak in Gods wonderful creation.
From the bounty of a vegetable or flower garden, a wooded hillside, a rushing river or a calm pond, birds soaring and singing, even the sound of a  dog barking all is His creation and being in the presence of His makings and immersing myself in His word, I find the peace I need. What do you do ?


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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