Now is the time of year we start reflecting on the year past, our joys, love, and hope.
The emotions we experience everyday but this year has also been one of hate, fear, greed and cruelty.
We have lost loved ones through death, divorce, break-ups, disagreements and yes even politics.
We have lost many of the icons of our youth and our children’s youth.
Now is the time to take stock of who we are, what our true beliefs are, not necessarily religious beliefs
but our core values, our integrity, and our strength.
The coming year is so uncertain not knowing what our future holds, the anxiety of our thoughts will dominate our emotions and if we let it, it will weaken us.
My suggestion is that we all take deep breaths anytime we begin to feel overwhelmed,
relax by taking a walk, getting physical with a hike, listening to a favorite musical piece, reading
or just sitting quietly…breathing deep cleansing from the gut breathing and exhaling slowly.
It may sound silly but oxygen is our lifeblood and we need to learn to use it to our benefit.
We need to nourish our bodies with healthier foods and if you don’t already reach out to help others, the rewards we reap by doing so are worth it.
I wish for all a better year in 2017 than this one has been whether it was your greatest year or a not so nice one for you.
We all need to remember that we are all human beings no matter our beliefs, the color of our skin,
our gender or sexual orientation, or where we live, we are always stronger together.
Much love to old friends and to new.





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