I no longer put up a Christmas tree, I don’t decorate each room with mini trees or the outdoors with lights and lawn decor. I tried last year but ended up after cleaning the front windows just sitting down in a chair and crying with all the memories, memories of when the girls were home and as they grew up and made their way they came home bringing family or friends with them. I loved Christmas, having been raised in a faith that did not celebrate I went overboard when I got my own home. I loved the season and all the decorations and lights, each decoration was an expression of my love for the holiday and especially for my family, now it brings back memories and the reality of emptiness and sadness.
Some people are not surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us are very lonely.
Some of us are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are no longer here with us.
So enjoy the time you can spend with family, remember the elder living down the hall or down the street, the one that lost their life partner and their kids don’t come home anymore.
Remember the single parent that is struggling to make the bills and the kids that may or may not get toys or even a warm coat for Christmas.
Empathize please, open your eyes look around see them see the weariness, the loneliness, see where you can bring a sliver of joy.
You can do something about it and I hope you will.


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  1. A warm hug to you!

    I assume, we can’t challenge the flow of life, but can embrace it in strength.
    Somehow, we all are alone, yet we are not. 🙂

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