I very much appreciate all of you that follow this blog and my other
I have had physical and emotional issues over the last two years and thank all of you that stuck with me or are returning and to the new followers, I am not yet up to once a day or even once a week blogging but hopefully soon. I am still exhausted 95% of the time and mentally/emotionally I don’t know, I sway like an old wooden bridge in the wind on that one.

I have been trying to educate myself in proper English, sentence structure etc to make my writing more palatable but heaven knows this old brain retains so little anymore it just doesn’t stick, but I do try and hope you can bear with me.
Anyway, wishing all Happy Holidays hope that covers all of the various or no belief souls.
Continue to hold those you love closer and spend time with those that are alone and lonely if you can, we all need each other. Peace.