Now is the time of year we start reflecting on the year past, our joys, love, and hope.
The emotions we experience everyday but this year has also been one of hate, fear, greed and cruelty.
We have lost loved ones through death, divorce, break-ups, disagreements and yes even politics.
We have lost many of the icons of our youth and our children’s youth.
Now is the time to take stock of who we are, what our true beliefs are, not necessarily religious beliefs
but our core values, our integrity, and our strength.
The coming year is so uncertain not knowing what our future holds, the anxiety of our thoughts will dominate our emotions and if we let it, it will weaken us.
My suggestion is that we all take deep breaths anytime we begin to feel overwhelmed,
relax by taking a walk, getting physical with a hike, listening to a favorite musical piece, reading
or just sitting quietly…breathing deep cleansing from the gut breathing and exhaling slowly.
It may sound silly but oxygen is our lifeblood and we need to learn to use it to our benefit.
We need to nourish our bodies with healthier foods and if you don’t already reach out to help others, the rewards we reap by doing so are worth it.
I wish for all a better year in 2017 than this one has been whether it was your greatest year or a not so nice one for you.
We all need to remember that we are all human beings no matter our beliefs, the color of our skin,
our gender or sexual orientation, or where we live, we are always stronger together.
Much love to old friends and to new.




Did You Hear It?

did you hear it?
that bomb
the power hungry man
pushed the button
did you hear it?
that maniacal laugh
that bomb
the sound of shattered glass
earths anguishing scream as it hit
did you hear it?
that bomb spewing poison
trapped in buildings in lungs
did you hear it?
tears we cried for our homeland
with your sickness you gave us fear
when you came with your bombs
did you hear it?
our screams, our cries
our cries of grief for loved ones killed
did you hear it?
a funeral…a funeral a thousand times over
did you hear it?

Holiday 2016

There are six days until  Christmas and my emotions are all over the place. I am brimming with sadness and tears that come at unexpected and unwanted times. I miss my family so much I understand why they can’t be here. I am lonely, sad, angry and without an ounce of joy.
I tried to watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and played Christmas music, held on to the railing side stepping my way to the basement and looked at the trees and ornaments…nothing stirred the excitement, eagerness, and creativity I usually get. I hobbled back upstairs and said to hell with it.
It isn’t just missing family or my counting the years since my daughter was killed it is this year all the way around. The hubs with the memory loss, my on health, family issues and yes even this political environment, I am so very disappointed in my fellow countrymen and women. I feel a great sadness for this country.
So here I sit with no joy of the season no eagerness of waiting for the arrival of family, no plans to cook special dishes or shopping for the perfect gifts.
This is truly a sad year for me and I can only hope that I can get past this season and into the new year with some positivity, I am going to try very hard to get out of this angst I feel.
To all that read this blog thank you, all will be right and go the way it is meant to be, won’t it as our destiny is preordained isn’t it? Anyway….
I hope and wish for all to have a beautiful holiday with friends and family surrounding you with love and good cheer. Happy Holidays to one and all!

Random Thoughts

Considers the actions you take and the effect it will have on others
Consider your words before speaking and the effect they will have on others.

Walking your path with all of its bumps and potholes will educate you well if you watch and listen.

Many people are generous towards others this time of year and many are grateful, but to truly be a generous person we must give as often as we can throughout the year.


I no longer put up a Christmas tree, I don’t decorate each room with mini trees or the outdoors with lights and lawn decor. I tried last year but ended up after cleaning the front windows just sitting down in a chair and crying with all the memories, memories of when the girls were home and as they grew up and made their way they came home bringing family or friends with them. I loved Christmas, having been raised in a faith that did not celebrate I went overboard when I got my own home. I loved the season and all the decorations and lights, each decoration was an expression of my love for the holiday and especially for my family, now it brings back memories and the reality of emptiness and sadness.
Some people are not surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us are very lonely.
Some of us are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are no longer here with us.
So enjoy the time you can spend with family, remember the elder living down the hall or down the street, the one that lost their life partner and their kids don’t come home anymore.
Remember the single parent that is struggling to make the bills and the kids that may or may not get toys or even a warm coat for Christmas.
Empathize please, open your eyes look around see them see the weariness, the loneliness, see where you can bring a sliver of joy.
You can do something about it and I hope you will.

Thank you

I very much appreciate all of you that follow this blog and my other
I have had physical and emotional issues over the last two years and thank all of you that stuck with me or are returning and to the new followers, I am not yet up to once a day or even once a week blogging but hopefully soon. I am still exhausted 95% of the time and mentally/emotionally I don’t know, I sway like an old wooden bridge in the wind on that one.

I have been trying to educate myself in proper English, sentence structure etc to make my writing more palatable but heaven knows this old brain retains so little anymore it just doesn’t stick, but I do try and hope you can bear with me.
Anyway, wishing all Happy Holidays hope that covers all of the various or no belief souls.
Continue to hold those you love closer and spend time with those that are alone and lonely if you can, we all need each other. Peace.