All the worries and stress you have today,
you won’t remember this same time next year.

I once thought I needed things to make me happy
I once believed if I had enough money…I would be happy… but how much was enough?
I searched for love thinking it too would bring happiness
I found myself and I became happy.

To truly be happy…you must share it.

My biggest regret in life…I did not understand when to be silent

Good days & Bad days have one thing in common~~
they are both twenty-four hours make the hours count.

When you fall you will never know how strong you are until you stand up and take another step.

When your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning, the next step is a step forward. It is your choice to make it a positive or negative step in life.

The simple things in life…
Love, Joy & Laughter have no price.

Open your heart to listen with kindness, not with the determination to prove right or wrong.