Yesterday the hubs and I received our ballots in the mail, we promptly opened them, grabbed the stamps and our black ink pens and began to vote.
Both of us having researched (actually, I researched and relayed the info I found),
decided who we were voting for long before these ballots arrived we were ready.
We watched the ‘news’ outlets, listened to speeches, ferreted out truths and fought with family. This election  brought out the ugly in all of us I am sad to say and it hurts, this is just so important for all of us and our planet.
Anyway, we marked our ballots and I being the crier I am, began to well up and spill over with tears and quickly moved my ballot away from me so as not to ruin it.
The enormity of this election hit me as a woman, that I am able to do something no other woman in my family has ever been able to do, vote for the first woman to be president.
My mother lived to the age of seventy-three and my Gram 100 years and 6 days, so as I
gathered myself, wiped my tears blew my nose and marked that ballot, I did it for them, for my daughters and grandsons, great grandsons and the children they will bear.
My hubs and I proudly drove to the post office and placed those precious green envelopes
in the box, and now we anxiously wait until Tuesday to verify that they have arrived at the election office. Seventeen days of anxiousness to go, I hope my nerves and stomach can handle the stress.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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