Our World

CqKP-fNWEAA1thWI look at your little body bruised and bleeding in the big orange seat
that seems to swallow you, it is said you are only five years old,
big brown eyes of calm when adults would be screaming and crying
your demeanor one of abject defeat for one too young to question the whys.
I wonder when I read trending tweets, Facebook, and other social media
all the prejudice and hate against you and others like you why and how
could we the greatest and strongest nation on earth deny you sanctuary
and a new life?
I don’t know what has happened to our world, our compassion, and empathy, our hearts… that we can look at this photo of you and deny you safety.

I wrote this last year about this one little boy, now I am ashamed to say it encompasses many more. I am angry, sad and ashamed at what has become of our country and those representing us.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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