Violence In Retaliation

Two fellow human beings shot and killed by those
sworn to protect and serve.
Miles away in a historic city
In the city where we lost a president, tears flow again in shock
Eleven  brothers in blue pay for their rogue brothers
Eye for and Eye seems to be the motive, motive without sane reason
What has become of the country I love so much
What kind of world are we leaving for our children ?
This is not the world we need to live in
we are so much better than that
or at least I pray we are
I pray we can turn this around we must change
We must work together to find a solution
We are all brothers and sisters, black, brown, white or yellow
we are so much better when we work together when we love one  another when we
treat each other with kindness, accept our differences.
Please, God, will you  help us find a solution and be the way we used to be?




A Piece of Your Mind Please

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