Take Me As I Am

Take me as I am Lord
I come to you no other way
Soiled, sinful, relapsing every day
It is just me and how you took me in
Wanting only in this life to win
I once was happy not a care
Looking for someone my life to share
Then I fell as humans do
Arriving at my lowest state
Destitute, in despair, distraught
Then I heard how my sins you bought
The Cross on Calvary came into view
Now reborn all because of you.


The chrysalis of the butterfly opens slowly in time
Dried by the warmth of sun …until
Gossamer wings of light flutter on…until
On wings of the butterfly my dreams take flight
Wings flutter toward the fall of night|
Where nightmares and terrors unfold
Making one scream… blood run cold.
copyright 2013 LWC