family fighting


My Name is Len Williams-Carver not….

Candy crush, gem breaker, bubbles, words with friends, connect four, go fish, nor spades.

If you want to play games go to the nearest toy store they have  plenty to play with.

I would like to….

1.  apologize to Any and everyone that I have hurt or offended

2.  ask for forgiveness

3. I forgive you as well if you have done the same to me

I’m moving to a different place in my life TODAY, and I won’t ALLOW any more negative!


If you are my family, I will no longer fight to be a part of something I was born to have. I am not asking you for ANYTHING, not money, a place to stay, nothing!!! All I am asking is to be FAMILY!!! Just to be LOVED!!! Just to be INCLUDED!!! Just to be SUPPORTED and to SUPPORT you!! The phone, text, FB, and wheels go both ways. So let’s start TODAY communicating like FAMILY!! It takes TWO or more to Fight. So I will fight for it, to have it, to build it, to strengthen it to Love it if you will. And if not, I’m moving forward.

To my friends, today thanks to God for all of you and your support.

Now for ALL the MESSY ones. The ones that did me wrong, talked about me, told lies about me, used me, keeping the pot stirred up,  hated, hating, …… your time is up!!! No weapon you have formed has or did or will prosper!! I’m cutting off your water….get ready to dry out!!!!

Life is too short to play games all the time!!!

And I’m not good at playing them. So find someone else I’m not in a playing mood!!!! Not then not now not ever!!

Now continue on in the right direction. God bless.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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