So Much To Say….

Lifes journey has taken the twists, turns and straights of the road, some hills, valleys and  levels of life leaving with so much to say.
Health and family issues abound and this old woman is finding it hard to escape into the act of writing poetry or short story, let alone the three novels started and nearly complete.
As I write this I am in the hospital again with pulmonary issues , sky high sugar due to steriods and the ever looming BIG ‘C’ forever threatening to reign it’s ugly head again and again.
Makes me wander through my head and heart with so much to say will I ever get it all said or is it even worth the effort to write it out for someone else to read? Are my words of bad poetry and short stories of any benefit to anyone or is it just for me that I write to clear my head and give the Lady Muse a voice? So much to say…

Life has it’s road, the journey is never easy for anyone and we all want to leave this world knowing we were of some importance not just to the family we love and  our cherished friends, but to the world as a whole, So we have our thought we place our fingers on a keyboard and we write …does it make a difference when we have So Much To Say?

Much love my friends, know that I love all and so does Our God.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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