My Rant

Breaking News scrolls across the bottom of the television screen
Social media news posts, all reporting the atrocities across this
vast world, country-by-country, state by state
Can’t we get along amongst all this hate? some ask.
Kill the killers, Hands up, I can’t breathe, are the mantras of many
Give me, Give me, “YOU” owe me,  I shouldn’t have to work
See I have many babies at seventeen, take care of me and them.
Disruption in public places, preventing others right  to entertainment,
shopping, concerts, award ceremonies, in the name of “our” rights they exclaim.
Beheadings, rapes, stabbings, kidnappings, shootings all in the name of “MY” religion, beliefs,
my right to free speech, civil liberties, my “you did me wrongs”.
Expecting all needs  be met, feed and clothe me, pay for my healthcare, lower my rent include
heating and cooling and don’t take anymore of my pay. Provide and pay for my insurance that includes Morning After medication I do not care if it is against your belief, only mine is important to me.  I want to work less hours for more pay and if you do not adhere to my demands for these things
I will march and protest, bringing shame upon you.
Demanding education and that you learn to speak, write, listen to my language while teaching my children yours just don’t expect me to learn and oh yes watch the flag of your  country burn so that I may hoist mine.
I will blame the Government, the Leader of the country, those in power if I don’t get all needs met. The representatives elected to those positions from the county judge to the president of the United States, it is their entire fault from my skinned knee to not having the latest electronic or phone.
Why?  Because I have no self-respect and I respect no others, I do not know what accountability or hard work means. I have no concept of self-reliance, tolerance, ethics, morals, or values. I could not tell you what any of those things are or mean no one ever taught me manners or these life-enhancing virtues or if they did ,I did not listen for it meant nothing to me then nor now.

It is going to take a severe wake up in this country (USA) to change this kind of thinking and sense of entitlement, can it be done  I truly do not know , I can only pray it gets no worse not for me but for
my children and their children. My fear… if it does not change if we do not start teaching the fundamentals of life and respect for all again, this world as a whole is doomed for we will eradicate each other for the sake of our beliefs and lack of compassion.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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