So much has been written and shown of the many injustices  in our country From rapes, child and spousal abuse, murders, race card played, hunger and homelessness. Social media trolls and inciters and some commentators with good common sense all have their chance to enact their freedom of speech, especially n light of the harm done in Ferguson, MO with the Mike Brown/ Darryl Wilson situation and now the Eric Gardner choking death, so much anger has erupted across the newsfeeds and social media.  Yes, protesting should take place but burning, looting, interrupting sporting events, entertainment venues and blocking traffic are just wrong on so mny levels. Yes we should be upset and fed up with the policies that allow profiling and brutality in the name of policing, we should have our noses out of joint for ALL the injustices, children going hungry, being denied a meal in a public school because there is not enough money on the books, a veteran of whatever war should not be homeless or without medical care and housing, we should be angry at immigration and the lack of proper border control, we should be angry!  We should be angry that choices are being removed from the rights of women for birth control or abortion, that Christianity is being challenged daily, where apathy has become the norm for whatever goes on in Washington, when we don’t vote we are saying we don’t care..  But anger does not equal action   sitting in front of your computer ranting and inciting more anger solves nothing, helps no one! It is time for each one of us to stand up from comfy chairs and take one step after another to CHANGE, change yourself and the way you think, volunteer, raise funds, GET INVOLVED and for Gods sake VOTE! I have never been so ashamed of my fellow citizens in this country when the statistics came in that only 30% elegible voted across this whole freakin nation!!! What is wrong with this picture? Shit happens do to the shrugging of shoulders and the “what can you do?” attitude.  What you can do is become informed, read the plans for your own city, what is your mayor,city council, you state rep/congress doing about the injustices within your own city, county and state? DO you attend your planning and zoning meetings to see what is going on in your own neighborhood, have you ever attended  a PTA meeting ,kids in school or not…you do know your tax dollars support your local schools why do you not know what is going on there? In whatever way you can, do your part, volunteer at a homeless  shelter, for the Red Cross or Salvation Army, join CASA and advocate for the little ones that have their innocence stolen, go to a nursing home to visit the elderly and lonely,MAKE A CHANGE in yourself and change will happen in your neighborhood, city and state one step taken by many can stamp a path to change. Be the change our country needs to stop the injustices we all rant and rave about on social media. Put into the universe the love for one another, I promise it will come back ten fold to you. 


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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