Many that follow this blog know I have been away for some time, healing to the extent a mother can when she loses a child. Learning to love life again and accepting that every day for the rest of my life I will miss my precious daughter, but that I must heal and bend into this new normal and be the me I was before…before my world fell apart. I am picking up the pieces and moving on, not easy but with love in my heart for the preciousness of life and spreading that love in every way physically by deed and with my words.

This year of 2014 has been one of insignificance in some ways, everyday hum drum, losing loved ones, gaining new friends, building relationships, helping others to grow. I suppose no different for me than for many others. This year has been one of reflection as well, as I grow in age, maturity and wisdom I find that with age comes a lot of shaking my head in amazement at the memories of things I have done or said. Believing I was so smart or witty when in reality at 63 years seven months and 22 days I am not much more mature, educated or steadfast than at the age of 25 or 30. 
I have learned this year that it is okay to be all those things I was at 25, I can still be stubborn, opinionated; believe in one God, family, friends and to take back my joy.

I have learned this year that it is okay to express love to embrace it and then throw it away like confetti raining down during the stroke of the clock at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I have come to believe that everyone is capable of love and of accepting it when given if one chooses. My philosophy this whole year has been to give the love I have inside hoping it challenges the receiver to pay it forward in their circle, to experience the weight that tends to lift from the shoulders when they start spreading love as I have.

I do not mean go around hugging everyone and saying “I love you” unless that is your thing.  I do not and have never let a loved one leave the house, a call or a text without saying I love you, just something I do personally and the rewards, oh my the reward that comes from those three words. Say in your mind each day, “today I will love everyone” make it your mantra. When stuck in traffic and feeling the rage, or sharp words with a co-worker, a child, a spouse just whisper in your mind “today I will love everyone” and you will see how much your attitude, your mind, your spirit/soul begins to feel lighter and more joyful. This, I have done, this year of 2014 and it has been wonderful.
Don’t get me wrong I have had days, weeks of bad ; arguments with grown children, service providers, my chair sitter, especially when he starts “sun downing”  (Alzheimer’s) many of life’s normal irritants’ but through it all I am loving and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do so.
I love you.

December 7, 2014

Today is a day of putting one foot in front of the other, being grateful that we can. One of drawing air into diseased lungs, and mind full of confusion but it is a day God has given, so we will listen to the music that weaves it’s way into our souls and words that touch our hearts being grateful. Giving love and wishing for blessed abundance and peace to all. Good Morning my world!


So much has been written and shown of the many injustices  in our country From rapes, child and spousal abuse, murders, race card played, hunger and homelessness. Social media trolls and inciters and some commentators with good common sense all have their chance to enact their freedom of speech, especially n light of the harm done in Ferguson, MO with the Mike Brown/ Darryl Wilson situation and now the Eric Gardner choking death, so much anger has erupted across the newsfeeds and social media.  Yes, protesting should take place but burning, looting, interrupting sporting events, entertainment venues and blocking traffic are just wrong on so mny levels. Yes we should be upset and fed up with the policies that allow profiling and brutality in the name of policing, we should have our noses out of joint for ALL the injustices, children going hungry, being denied a meal in a public school because there is not enough money on the books, a veteran of whatever war should not be homeless or without medical care and housing, we should be angry at immigration and the lack of proper border control, we should be angry!  We should be angry that choices are being removed from the rights of women for birth control or abortion, that Christianity is being challenged daily, where apathy has become the norm for whatever goes on in Washington, when we don’t vote we are saying we don’t care..  But anger does not equal action   sitting in front of your computer ranting and inciting more anger solves nothing, helps no one! It is time for each one of us to stand up from comfy chairs and take one step after another to CHANGE, change yourself and the way you think, volunteer, raise funds, GET INVOLVED and for Gods sake VOTE! I have never been so ashamed of my fellow citizens in this country when the statistics came in that only 30% elegible voted across this whole freakin nation!!! What is wrong with this picture? Shit happens do to the shrugging of shoulders and the “what can you do?” attitude.  What you can do is become informed, read the plans for your own city, what is your mayor,city council, you state rep/congress doing about the injustices within your own city, county and state? DO you attend your planning and zoning meetings to see what is going on in your own neighborhood, have you ever attended  a PTA meeting ,kids in school or not…you do know your tax dollars support your local schools why do you not know what is going on there? In whatever way you can, do your part, volunteer at a homeless  shelter, for the Red Cross or Salvation Army, join CASA and advocate for the little ones that have their innocence stolen, go to a nursing home to visit the elderly and lonely,MAKE A CHANGE in yourself and change will happen in your neighborhood, city and state one step taken by many can stamp a path to change. Be the change our country needs to stop the injustices we all rant and rave about on social media. Put into the universe the love for one another, I promise it will come back ten fold to you. 

Absolute Wonderful Piece On Faith …by Mike Zito

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Have a little faith……

“Have a little faith in me”

I love that John Hiatt song, but I love every John Hiatt song.

Faith is a word that stands true for me.
I have it tattooed on my left arm, it’s been there a long time.
I sometimes forget I have that tattoo, but I am gently reminded when the time is right.

Faith is defined as “confidence or trust”, also as “Observance of an obligation.”

Most of the time Faith is reserved for religion, at least in conversation.
We may use the word to describe our hope for an outcome, but I think rarely do
we actually consider the true meaning of the word as part of a responsibility.
In a religious or spiritual realm, faith describes our utter belief beyond proven fact.
We may not have proof of our belief in tangible human terms, but we have a strong feeling
in our soul and in our heart that our belief is real and alive.
Of course this rings true for faith in our fellow man, our husbands and our wives, in our children,
our President, and so on.  When we believe in a person, that they can succeed and will overcome,
we have faith in that person. We trust them, their integrity, their abilities, they have moxie.
Having faith in a person, the outcome of a situation, in life in general, is all based upon a belief
beyond our realm.  We are not so sure what the outcome will actually be, but we have “faith”
it will work out for the best.

“Faith without works is dead.”   James 2:14-26

I am not much of a Bible quoter at all, but this certainly rings true.
Faith is absolutely in my mind, an action word.
I must HAVE faith. Acceptance is the spiritual principle for me in having faith.
I pray for the outcome of a situation, I have faith that it will work out the way it is supposed to
in Gods will, not mine, and I accept the result as spiritual in nature.
Faith is absolutely put on me. I am responsible for the action.

My faith may also require me to take some steps toward a goal.
I pray about opening a new business. I have done my part, planned and organized.
I am still not certain that the outcome will be absolute in my favor, but I have faith
in the outcome and in my planning and my organization that this will all work out.
I take the next steps on faith and open my business.

Faith is most certainly an action for me.
When I commit to having faith, I am taking a step forward based solely on my belief
and acceptance of the outcome.  I must be willing to fail to truly have faith.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Life is not for the weak at heart, it’s a pretty tough game, and we all have to play to win.
I know that sounds corny and almost high school football-ish, but it’s just the cold hard facts.

To me, Faith is getting involved in life, taking chances, and helping others.
When I get out of my head and spend some time helping others, doing chores,
taking care of my family, I am faith in action.
I am almost certain of the spiritual outcome when I help others.
I will feel very good about myself and my life.  I have absolute faith in the process.
So why don’t I spend all of my time helping others?
Because I am human, I am selfish and self centered.
We all are, like it or not. when we can break that cycle, even just for a few minutes a day,
we get a better sense of who we are from the observers point of view.

Faith is always available to me, in abundance.
God keeps nothing from me in the spiritual world.
I only keep it from myself. The answers are readily available to any of life’s problems,
if I am willing to look for them in the principles.
But my ego will always go to “Why me” and cause a little pain and suffering…..
because faith works best when I am hopeless.
Once I have put myself through enough pain, I will begin to search for the answer spiritually.
I will see my part in the situation, and begin to have faith that it will all work out.
Again, acceptance is the key principle to having true faith.

Life without faith sounds horrible. No matter what your beliefs are, belief in something
seems to give a human being hope and principles to living life on planet earth.
No one knows where we go from here, whether it is to a grand Heaven or just 6 feet under……
Faith can help make the transition easier for all of us while we’re still breathing.

So, Have a little faith today. Believe in yourself, in your family and in life.
Life is better today than any other day in your life.
Stop comparing and start living. Have faith and hope and bring love to those around you.
Happiness is a state of mind.

peace, love, Zito