1. Waking up each day
2. My wonderful husband, my hero, my teddy bear
3. The freedom to worship
4. My beautiful children
5. My handsome grandsons
6. My weight loss
7. I have enough to eat
8. I have heat, coolness, water
9. The roof over my head
10. Good friends of the internet
11. The Present day military & Veterans that allow my freedoms
12. Days without pain and depression.
13. Music and the emotions it makes me feel
14.For eyes to see all the wonders of Gods creations
15. Grateful that I am handling my grief better this year than last
16. Thankful for the bed I couldn’t sleep in last night, just can’t sleep, so tired.
17. The gift of artistry, poets, authors, musicians, painters, sculptors… Gods hand shown through human hands
18. Waking in pain, for I can feel. Many due to injury or birth cannot. Grateful.
19. Today being National Toilet Day…I am grateful for modern conveniences.
20. Thankful for those that know me, and despite that love me anyway.
21. Grateful for a new day of living and loving
22.  Thankful for Gods paint brush coloring the world in such vivid colors.
23. The ability to listen, see and understand the mature 12 y.o. in my life. He brings such openness, beauty and love.
24. For the chairsitter that makes wonderful lifeblood each morning…coffee, warm, rich coffee ummmm
25. Grateful I live in a city where protesting is done peacefully and with respect.
26. Thankful to have so much to be thankful for, truly blessed.
27. For having one day across this nation we show compassion and feed our homeless and needy, should be everyday!
28. Grateful for common sense, I am not among those shopping on Black Friday!
29. Hard to find a reason today but I am alive, thank you Lord.
30. Thankful for those that love me, you fill my heart with joy.






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