Last night  just a few miles from my home a ten year old little girl was shot and killed as she sat in her living room, it was a drive-by. A few nights before this one a six year old child after buying bubble gum walked  out of a convience store with her Daddy was shot and killed, a few days prior the school shootings in Washington. I don’t know how many more but I am sure many that we don’t hear about on our local news, I only know it wrenches my heart each time.
I don’t cope well with hearing or reading of these deaths, each time a father dies in an auto accident or a mother passes from breast cancer my heart hurts and I begin to cry. It is a loss of a loved one to someone somewhere. There are all types of memes and even books or counselors to help with grief and perhaps I am too sensitive to death of others because I have experienced so much of it, I only know my heart aches and I want so badly to reach out with a hug and a helping hand yet I don’t as I can barely hold onto my sanity at such times.
I find it quite difficult to have the right words to say to those that have lost a child or loved one be it brother, sister etc. What others struggle to say at such times, sounds so trite to my ears although I know all are meant from the deep recesses of ones heart and they want to help the ones left; I just cannot speak words of comfort as my tears flow from my cheeks with my pain of loss. It has been four years this February since I lost my daughter, you would think by now I would be able to support some semblance of decorum but I cannot, there must be something wrong with me that I am no longer able to act “normally” for others going through their loss.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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