Child loss plunges us into a new and different world that is so foreign to us. We now hear words like “rainbow baby”, “angelversary”, “new normal”, and “triggers.” The language for parents of child loss is different, and so is everything else. Life will never be the same without our child and yet we’re expected to live “normal” although what we’ve just experienced by child loss is far from normal. Children are never supposed to die before their parents. Every day we put on our “normal mask” as we face the world………and every night when we take off the mask we are exhausted. It’s so hard trying to “tame our emotions” while out in public! Why do we do it? Because people would think we’re crazy if we let our true emotions show! Very few people “get it” when it comes to how hard it is to lose a child! Living with a broken heart day in and day out is the hardest thing we’ll ever have to do!


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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