She  opened the envelope with shaking hands, ripping it wide to get to the pages inside. As she began to read what had been written her hearts void grew larger, seems her beloved had found someone to take her place.  She had been waiting all this time, worried, crying daily, writing letters, sending little cards to the only address she had; all in hopes that he would someday return there and know she was still waiting.
Each word was a dagger into her, gut kicks that took her breath away, he had found someone else, all this time eighteen months of her believing he was missing, sixteen he had been there receiving her letters, not missing like she had been told. How, how could he deceive her like this, he told her he loved her that they would marry, have a family. He lied, used her and she had counted on him to come back as promised.
She needed to pull herself together, her mother would be back soon with Cody and she could not let him sense her anguish, he was so in tune with her he would get fussy. Her mother said she spoiled him and that was true, she loved that little guy more than her own life.
His father would never know  that he had a son, she would never tell him. She knew  through this letter that he had a wife of a year and newborn twin  daughters .  She learned a valuable lesson here, one she would never forget. The only people you can rely on is family and for that she was grateful, and she would never sleep with any man again without a ring on her finger…wish I would have listened to her mother when she tried to tell her that.


A Piece of Your Mind Please

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