Life is odd– the time in our life
acts very strangely the older we get
like a rushing waterfall running
over huge boulders to small pebbles
into a serene pond when we are young
then down to a quiet trickle
getting smaller and smaller–
our life as we age

Time/life changes, it changes
every hour of every day.
Looking into the serenity pond
with its small circular eddies,
reflections show you the life
you have lived. It shows within
the line of your face, the crinkle
of your eyes
the streaks of sunlight
and silver in your hair.
Reflections in the pond of life,
as a small child, your marriage
your children, grandchildren
loves given, loves lost
The small slow turning whirls in the
serenity pond of life—growing
in ripples as if you skimmed a pebble.

The ripples of life change, yet there is one
facet that never changes–  the love we are
commanded to gift one another.
Commanded by our spirit, our heart
to love one another, to do unto if you will.
Our love deepens not just by the
years we live but by the length of time
itself and in that reflection you see
in the pond of your life
you realize your gift of love
given freely is also a gift to yourself.

The more we love the larger the ripple
generation after generation it continues
to expand–if we did it right–given it
freely without too much judgement
of others, too many mistakes,
lessons given yet not learned.
Only the serene pond reflections will tell
the tale of our life as we gaze and reflect
until we are but an insignificant
trickle of life running over pebbles
of the serenity pond, until we
are no more– a wisp of sun dried dust.






A Piece of Your Mind Please

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