The ocean called to her soul late at night
she had to go, she couldn’t explain
the longing inside watching the tide come in
washing away the dirt as it went back out.
She wanted to be washed clean in that way,
to see the reflection of the moon on the water
rippling with the waves, then  hitting the sand
with such force as it ebbed back into the mass.
She wanted to touch the moon in the water,
wanted the waves to wash her spirit clean,
tonight she planned on touching the full moon
to ease the longing it brought forth.
“Secretly Devoted To You”  playing in her head,
her mom once sang that song to her,
well mama I hear it what are you trying to say to me now?
The water was cool on her skin as she entered the sea
with the kelp wrapping around her,
tugging at her the farther she went
the closer to her goal but the waves,
the waves, held her down in the
reflection of the full moon.



A Piece of Your Mind Please

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