Climbing The Mountain

Climbing The Mountain

Kneeling On Both Knees

Tears Uncontained

Splintered Weathered Cross

Blood Stained Beams Glossed

Thorns Embedded Above

Proof Of The Fathers Love                                                                                                                     Jesus With Nail : Christ crucified Stock Photo

Rising From Knees Gone Weak

Spirit Sad, Very Bleak

Touching Blood Stains Of

His Feet

Power Of The Blood Showers

Forgiveness, Gratitude Surround

Spirit Sings, Dances, Declares
Hallelujah Hallelujah 

About lenwilliamscarver

A simple woman of simple means, walking a gravel road on my journey, made stronger by paths taken barefoot, pain endured, and revealed in these writings. Mistakes made some taught a lesson some lessons ignored, now learning to forgive myself.
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