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It has been a bit of a day, daughter called requesting that I if I could go pick up g-son (11) at school. He is ill and she felt it would benefit him being here at my home while she … Continue reading

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She  opened the envelope with shaking hands, ripping it wide to get to the pages inside. As she began to read what had been written her hearts void grew larger, seems her beloved had found someone to take her place. … Continue reading

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SERENITY POND Life is odd– the time in our life acts very strangely the older we get like a rushing waterfall running over huge boulders to small pebbles into a serene pond when we are young then down to a … Continue reading

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Pretty eyes in great disguiseHide the pain of lonely heartsSobs hidden by their smilesScreams covered by laughterWiping  tears so none will seeThe beat of their lonely heart.  

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I made the mistake a while back of telling someone that a study done on Alzheimer’s stated that having television on helped to keep the mind active and calm. Oh my what did I unleash? My home in the last … Continue reading

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The nursery that had never seen a baby in all the years they had tried for one, she  dragged the old vanity bench from her room to the closet, the old doc had said after the last one lost it was too … Continue reading

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The ocean called to her soul late at night she had to go, she couldn’t explain the longing inside watching the tide come in washing away the dirt as it went back out. She wanted to be washed clean in … Continue reading

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