The scent of abandonment lingers in the air as I step through the door we once shared.
Dust coats the piano, sheet music bent, brittle and yellow shares a space.
I hear echoes of music we played, sang and danced to in this room, now smelling of dust and dead mice.
Dead like our love, the love we shared here in twisted sheets, the scent of our sweat as we loved and made promises now broken.
Crumpled clothing dropped to the floor like confetti, when dancing led to lovemaking…oh why can I not forget?

The silence echoes with words whispered so sweet, every word you sang, every passionate nuance to your voice vibrates within me.
Each key you delicately touched exuding  the passion of your soul; another piercing to my heart. Your voice echoes in the windows, walls, and cobwebs; hanging from every crevice …oh why can I not forget?

The scars etched on my heart like branding upon my skin, I had to see if I could come here, touch you again.
The wounds are deep, the pain is still here after all this time it breathes like dragon fire within.
I hear you calling me in softness, whispering ‘come, come be mine forever’ touching me, burning trails along my skin as if fire lived in your fingertips. I can feel you possessing my soul even now after all these years…oh why can I not forget?

I stand at this window as darkness invades this room where we played, sang and danced. I look in the
only box left in this room smelling of dust and dead mice, searching for a part of you to wash away the memories and the scars, finding nothing but crumpled tissue paper and an old shirt.
Now I am alone with the ifs, and should haves and my broken heart…oh why can I not forget?

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A Piece of Your Mind Please

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