Life is filled with running water 
as our background music,
we climb mountains grasping 
at trees to end up with pine sap
on our hands and as we try
to wipe it away on the ground cover
we end up with mountain junk stuck to us.
Mountain junk defined as
morning after morning  being greeted
by wildflowers of every hue and color,
 grasses green as the deepest emeralds found in
glistening silver streams.
Sun bringing about a chorus of chirping and buzzing
as life for the day begins;
with shining, serene rivers washing up into a glistening spray, 
with a melody of peace.
All the while hearing the background music to our souls,
the lilting sound of piano music,
the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar
and the piping of a golden flute.

**I feel better just going on that trek through my imaginary world! Hope this brings you a little peace in your heart and soul as well.  God Bless my friends!!



A Piece of Your Mind Please

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