Devlin Robert Ainsworth


Devlin and his mom (our youngest daughter Andrea) have not been a part of our family for nearly 3 years. We do not know where they are or Imagehow they are. They are missed so very much.
From the moment I was told about you, I loved you
I watched you grow, felt you kick and squirm too
when you came into the world all precious and pink
I looked at that face and those beautiful big eyes
my heart and eyes filled, so full I couldn’t even blink.
You had your mommas smile your daddy’s nose
all your little fingers and chubby little toes
You were so sick and so very tiny it tore our hearts into
But you were strong and prayers answered…you grew
Oh how mighty you grew, into your Pap’s lil ‘Tank’
We were fortunate to love you and be a part
of your toddler years

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