I have spoken many words
Words that cut as sharpened swords
some soft as whisper words of love.
I have traveled many miles
Worn holes in leather cowboy boots
Walked along those miles with many smiles

I have cried many salty tears
Heartbroken and grief-stricken
Over death of loved ones
Of an animal or someone’s child

Over my many, many years
I have laughed in utter joy
Feeling the warmth of a child’s hand
Handing me a favorite play toy
Or a joke at my expense again

I have watched a mountain avalanche
Snow falling in rushes as the waterfalls
Of majestic cliffs and islands glistening

I have laughed at the oceans tide
Chase waves onto burning sand
Crabs and Seals scurrying to the side

Fished in a favorite hole on a farm
From a piece of driftwood I sat
Poison Ivy clinging to me giving harm

Felt the warmth in rays of the sun
Slept in a meadows sweet grass
Watching rabbits and mice run
Through my looking-glass

Laid in the bed of a pick up truck
Wrapped in grams quilt of old
Protecting me from the frosts cold

Been warmed by a bonfire of gathered wood
Drinking a cold one from a cooler
Danced in the rivers dirt made bank
In the smokey black night dark and dank

I have sung at concerts me so off-key
Yet others stood right beside me
Singing and dancing in glee
I have been blessed by many loves
Man and child , greatest of these
My beautiful daughters all three
Grandsons are  too my legacy

Now in these winter years of my life
I can say without troubling strife
I have lived a wonderful life
I have lived , I have lived!

Now in these winter years of my life
I can say without troubling strife
I have lived a wonderful life

About lenwilliamscarver

A simple woman of simple means, walking a gravel road on my journey, made stronger by paths taken barefoot, pain endured, and revealed in these writings. Mistakes made some taught a lesson some lessons ignored, now learning to forgive myself.
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