Misery loves company they say, whoever in the world  ”they” are.
Well I have enough misery for many a lifetime in this one she thought,
ungrateful kids always with the hand out then you don’t see or hear
from them, until the next payday, first of the month they’ll
be bangin’ the door.

Serve them right if I just packed up that old Chevy and went down the road with no forwarding
address.  Ahhh but the grandbabies, leaving them would tear her heart out so she just
keeps on doing what she can and doing without for herself.  She can’t explain it to anyone that
asks why she does it, they call her an  ’enabler’ ok I will grant that she says to herself.
Once upon a time she had it all, a good man, career, friends, big showplace home then she became ill and when her
children should have looked out for her they got tied up in their own lives and forgot about her.

So now alone, sick and lonely having to beg for a little help around the old place or pay out of her meager
monthly check, not enough to live on, too much for welfare, not that her pride would let her, starve first she would.
Didn’t trust church people so no help there. Hypocrites all, oh sweet to your face when your in church but talk about you
behind your back and those damn preachers , their hands are out more often than all of her kids combined. Phtt! Three hundred
dollar suits for him and his wife and her going to beauty parlor every week for that fake blond rinse just to look vain up on the pulpit with the preacher.
While how many in their congregation gave their last dollar and eating potaoes all week with little else.
No wonder people steal from one another, can’t survive any other way now a days.

She moved out on the porch to rock for a bit and grumble on and on about her miserable life, she sat there a long time
then got up went inside, peeled a potato and ate it raw …no reason to waste gas trying to cook it she would tell you; but truth
told she hadn’t had the gas on for over a year. No heat, no hot water but she is doing ok if she can just keep electric for lights
if not well she had some old kerosene lamps she had picked up at  an auction many years ago, back in the day when she could afford to  buy that way.

Time for bed she crossed the hall hearing the rolling wood floors screech like an owl catching a mouse. She had made her bed in the old recliner belonging to her late husband, it was comfortable and smelled like him, the arms were bare down to the backing of the faux leather that he always believed real. It was ok if he thought he had a true ‘leather’ recliner. It was broken down now but she couldn’t give up sleeping there, it was the most restful two hours she spent in slumber.

Her youngest son found her looking peacefully asleep two days later, when she  hadn’t answered her phone or the door when he came for the first of the month  check knowing she would give him what he needed . Now the old woman up and died on him, guess he better start looking for something to do for money.
“Son,” asked the EMT ” would you like for us to call other family for you?” ” Naw,” he responded ” let them find out from the paper ” as he walked off down the street with the EMT standing there agape.

Sad ending but so true in many households.


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