Lord there is so much I could ask
For this or that, even help on a task
A healthy body, an unlined face
Even a home, a beautiful place
I could ask for a life free of fear
Or even one without many tears
Yet, what I want to ask if I may be bold
 Lord give me little hands to hold
Give me little hearts to love, cheeks to kiss
This old heart so full needs a bit of bliss
Lord I could ask for wealth and fame
I’d rather a small child call my name
Reaching for my lap and hand to touch
Lord is this asking for too much?
Lord let me see once more through the eyes
Of a small child awed and in wide-eyed wonder
Discovering all You created here and yonder
The beauty of a horse, a tree, clouds in the skies
Lord let me be loving, with kinder ways
For numbered you have my days
I ask for wisdom Lord to teach and guide
My grandchildren to walk by your side.

copyright 2013~LWC/
originally posted Jan. 24, 2013


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