Lord there is so much I could ask
For this or that, even help on a task
A healthy body, an unlined face
Even a home, a beautiful place
I could ask for a life free of fear
Or even one without many tears
Yet, what I want to ask if I may be bold
 Lord give me little hands to hold
Give me little hearts to love, cheeks to kiss
This old heart so full needs a bit of bliss
Lord I could ask for wealth and fame
I’d rather a small child call my name
Reaching for my lap and hand to touch
Lord is this asking for too much?
Lord let me see once more through the eyes
Of a small child awed and in wide-eyed wonder
Discovering all You created here and yonder
The beauty of a horse, a tree, clouds in the skies
Lord let me be loving, with kinder ways
For numbered you have my days
I ask for wisdom Lord to teach and guide
My grandchildren to walk by your side.

copyright 2013~LWC/
originally posted Jan. 24, 2013


Going to the valley where the river flows
where bluebonnets and daisy’s bloom
a bridge across the rushing river
takes me to the other side
where red ginger fills the air
across the river  grass is greener
blooms sweeter,  colors brighter
going to the valley for a walk
a bridge across the river leads 
me to peace
A soul gets lost… 
hard to see a soul 
looking in the mirror